It's been over a year since you were last home, and now it's time to finally clear out those last few things, and the memories they bring back.

Made for NarraScope 2020 Game Jam, with the theme 'Growth'.
Very much inspired by being back in my family's house for lockdown. is a handy reference for playing parser games.
As a starting point, LOOK and EXAMINE everything mentioned.
If you get stuck, you can type HELP or HINT (or ask me!)

David Welbourn has also written up a lovely walkthrough of the game here. (He has written guides for many other Interactive Fiction games too, go check them out!)

Disclaimer: I didn't have time to test very thoroughly, so sorry if you run into any weirdness (let me know).
I appreciate all feedback, good and bad :)

If you'd rather play locally, the download zip has the story's .gblorb file.

Content Warning: discussion of death

Made with Inform 7.
Credit to for the cute pixel room I used in the cover art!


Download 683 kB


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Poignant and relatable (that bitter-sweet experience of surveying a mostly-empty room). The theme, setting, and mechanics all resonate beautifully here. Thank you!

Thanks, bittersweet is exactly the feeling I was going for so that's great to hear!

This was very enjoyable! The stories are great and made me think of all the times I've had to pack up my home and look over everything I owned.

Thank you for playing!

What a lovely game!

Thank you!!

I like this game very much. Thank you for sharing!

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it!