Ritus Sacri

On the desk in front of you: a Latin dictionary, a blank sheet of lined paper, and the photocopied passage you need to translate for class tomorrow. You always leave things too late.

Made for Ectocomp 2020 (Le Grand Guignol)

Useful verbs:
EXAMINE/X (something)
LOOK UP (a word)
MATCH (word) WITH (word)

Disclaimer: I've taken a few liberties with Latin grammar to keep things simple.

Source text is based off Ovid's Fasti Book V.

(Most of this was written in the late hours of the night leading up to the deadline, so I apologise for any bugs and typos. Here to answer questions if you get stuck, or check out the walkthrough.txt in the Downloads.)

Spoiler (highlight below)

There are two endings. 


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this was amazing!! i studied latin at school and got locked in the library once - this really captured that feeling of the lights going out and realising no one is left except you and your translation

Oh boy, I'm glad you made it out of that library alive! Thanks so much for playing :)


Brrr! This was creepy!

Hahah, thanks for playing! 

this was so cool! i love games that involve typing like this, it feels like the player is encouraged to think for themselves in a different way than usual. the story was interesting and the translating was satisfying and fun. would love to see more like this! 

Thank you for playing, I'm so glad to hear you liked it! I'm definitely hoping to find the time to make another game experimenting with this mechanic